Bushman DC190L 190L Caravan Fridge – 12V / 24V




  • – FREE Mounting kit
  • – Super efficient design
  • – Powerful cooling
  • – Genuine Bushman system
  • – Beautifully finished
  • – Large door storage
  • – Reversible doors
  • – Tropical ‘T’ rating
  • – Door latch for mobile use
  • – Full 3 year warranty

The Bushman DC190-L is extremely efficient, light on power and will stay cold in the hottest temperatures.

We designed this fridge specifically for mobile installations and off-grid living in Australia. We use a very large cooling system, extra-thick insulation and a low-speed compressor which significantly reduces power consumption. Making this a brilliant fridge for caravans, RV”s, boats and off-grid situations.

All our DC-L models are big on space and have full steel sides for extra strength.

Technical Specifications

  • Temperature fridge
    4º ( +/- 2ºC)
  • Temperature freezer
    -12º ( +/- 2ºC)
  • Fridge dimensions
    Height 1380 mm, Width 600mm, Depth 600mm
  • Minimum cut out
    Height 1385mm, Width 605mm, Depth 575mm (allows 50mm gap at rear with doors proud from the cabinetwork)
  • Weight
    50 kg